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a simple human being a simple girl who like everyone else in the world have dreams to have the full happy,sustainable,stable,luxurious life have a small heart full of love,care for a person for my love.But instead of those luxuries i need that love of mine without whom i just can’t imagine to survive to live but that comfort of world is pulling me from him somewhere bcoz his love for me is much more than my love for him he wants to comfort me by making me live my life happily without him bcoz he has nothing for my comfort bcoz he is trying to pretend that my comfort is not inside him in his lovely heart if he is not that rich then what is his fault in that if he is not the s/o any celebrity then what is his fault again in this what matters is his love for me he knows n i too but this world will never ever understand this thing again this love again i just want to ask WHY?????//?//

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it WAS called loneliness…..

January 1, 2011 at 5:12 am (Uncategorized)

u know i had started this article of mine 16 days back but was not getting any time i dont know why it was about lonelliness or feeling lonely i was feeling so but actually from the day i started this i was no more lonely so was not able to complete it so i thought to get out of that topic and do the reverse of it so here i am.whenever one feels lonely one feels that no one cares for him/her everytime one feels very much away from the world around and stuck to be alone  when one gets a single reason for happiness one feels that there is no one with whom one can share it but its actually not so true there is always someone who cares very much sometimes for hm/her but one just dont know coz one just dont believe that the same person can do this for one so from my point of view i can say that we should never feel so alone always n i am going to post a new blog for the topic LONELINESS its about reall meaning of loneliness ……..

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A Girl’s feelings

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a girl who has to face so much problems in her daily life ….that can be related may be with her carrier ….life….or whatever else….she has to compramise with everything…although its a century where a girl is said to be as gud as a guy but her actual existence is still not taken into account…now i have some questions also …why a girl always made to think so much about his carrier option …why always a girl is made to think so much as guys just dont abt their relationship that may be as a wife or as a lover or whatever…why why why….there are so many questions related to a girl …n they may cannot end…but firstly these are some questions that acts upon a girls life……actually a grownup girls life …

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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